"Effective natural products for psoriasis and eczema are hard to come by. Xyndet is one of the few that I have found to actually work. I have eczema, and no other non-drug topical treatment works as well as Xyndet in relieving the itching and discomfort associated with this condition. I am very comfortable recommending this product to our customers at Willner Chemists."

Donald Goldberg, R.Ph.


German Psoriasis Self Support Organization PSOAG

Dear Sonia,

attached please find the original product report of the German Psoriasis Self Support Organization PSOAG.


I summarize, what PSOAG is writing:

PSOAG had received over the last years on a continuous base sample free of charge which PSOAG handed out to its members. PSOAG does the same with products of other manufacturers. PSOAG is fully independent from any influence of any pharmaceutical company, personal care company or any other company being active in the healthcare sectorPSOAG does not receive any funds, or sponsoring. PSOAG does not have any indirect influences or dependencies through associations, advertising in members' newspapers or similiar. PSOAG is a social, independent and observing organization.

XYNDET® Balm comes in a hard-plastic bottle which can easily be put on it's top lid. It takes little pressure to the bottle to release an amount of balm. The balm does not stick to the walls of the bottle, so the bottle will be emptied almost completely.
A pin in the lid prevents clogging of the dispenser opening. People with psoriasis, arthritis or finger-nail-psoriasis could face difficulties to open the lid. This is to be seen with other products as well.The content of one bottle is good for the use of approx. 3 weeks, for full body use for once a day.
A slight smell evaporates pritty fast, once the lotion is applied to the skin. The smell is described as "dry-medical" and could resemble decently the smell of the mud of the Dead Sea. So does the color of the lotion, which is grey-brown. Even for a sensitive organ the smell should not be an issue.
As the lotion is quite liquid you will use probably a little to much once you experience firstly. The lotion stays a short time on the skin, unlike lipid style lotions. You will have to wait for seconds after application and than in a second step the milky film will be massaged into the skin, which will absorb entirely the balm. The skin appears shiny and will feel like velvet without beeing sticky or greasy. This skin condition will stay for a while. You will use the balm for your face as well with a decent shine.
Under occlusion you will be in the position to dissolve single plaques for further treatment with active substances. However we understand that this is a side effect.
The manufacturer of XYNDET® Balm is very cautious with promise advertising. The available essays are "free of fragrances, coloring agents and animal products" and contains "Dead Sea minerals". All elements you can easily check.Another essay is: "additional treatment and regreasing of dry and sensitive skin." This all sounds solid and reliable. Other manufacturers suggest in their advertisments that their products would have therapeutic effects on the skin desease or for singular phenomena like red skin, dandruff, inflamation or itching. This may well be with a light psoriasis, however the consumer of such skin care products will overestimate promise of such effects. Wellknown effects of Dead Sea ingredients will not be highlighted by the manufacturer of XYNDET® Balm. Good for the consumer when his skin feels a little relaxed, calmed down and will be less inflamed.In Germany the active substances for natural cosmetic products are classified in different standards. XYNDET® Balm does not belong to the category of natural cosmetic products, because preserving ingredients and parabenes are those you will find in the majority of commercial cosmetic products. Those ingredients are allowed only when the maximum contents by law will be strictly observed. This is obviously the case with XYNDET® Balm.In summary we evaluate this product as a good and sustainable skin care product, easily to apply and by it's Dead Sea ingredients it has a positve effect for light forms of psoriasis.

XYNDET® Hair & Body Shampoo is offered in the same hard-plastic bottle than XYNDET® balm.
The quantity of one bottle is good for two months and more for once a day hair wash. The product's name hints clearly that this is not a regular Shampoo, but a skin neutral Shampoo with a skin friendly ph-value, a sensitive skin formula Synthetic Detergent (Syndet). The smell is alike this of the balm, only slightly stronger. This does not disturb and disappears after rinsing. As XYNDET® Shampoo does not foam up to much you will use at the beginning of use automatically a higher amount of the shampoo.The manufacturer of XYNDET® Hair & Body Shampoo is again cautious with essays as with the balm. The Shampoo is declared as "for gentle cleansing and treatment of sensitive skin and for hair wash." The ingredients are similiar to those of the balm.
In summary we evaluate the XYNDET® Hair & Body Shampoo, the "Sister-Product" of the balm, as alike the balm, a solid product, well tolerated by the skin, a gentle shampoo.There are no essays that it will solve actively dandruff. Nevertheless you may expect from the Dead Sea ingredients that it will have a positive effect for a inflamed, dry and scaly sculp.

Best regards,

Michael Renka

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